Yoni Pearls (pack of 3)

Yoni Pearls (pack of 3)

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KWU’s V gems (Yoni pearls)
V- Gems are a holistic all natural herbal ball made with herbal ingredients to aid in good health and vaginal cleaning
The vagina is self cleansing and does this function well when in good health. However many women aren’t in their most optimal health due to stress, eating fast foods or foods filled with GMOs, carrying years of emotional and or sexual trauma, birth control, many different partners etc. V gems are meant to give women an all natural herbal holistic option rather than a chemical one

This can assist with the following:

-increase fertility
-regulate cycles
-balance hormones and pH levels
-strengthen uterus
-remove tubular blockage
-detox/cleanse vagina

Recommended usage

3 vgems = 1 full detox

1. Endometriosis - 7 cleanses
2. Fibroids - 8 cleanses
3. Cysts - 5 cleanses
4. Vaginal odor -3 cleanses
5. Bacterial Vaginosis - 4 cleanses
6. Urinary Tract Infections - 3 cleanses
7. Yeast infections - 3 cleanses
8. Heavy menstrual cycles - 4 cleanses
9. Bartholins Cysts - 4 cleanses
10. Vaginal Dryness - 3 cleanses